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  • head2Learning center. Connect to our specialists.


SMR Group and SMR Premium had the pleasure of presenting many papers at international conferences, exhibitions and other industry meetings like:

  • Annual Sales & Mktg. Meetings
  • Strategic Meetings
  • Customer Appreciation Days
  • Company Anniversaries
  • Trade shows
  • and many more

If you would like to invite us as a guest speaker at any of your occasions, please contact us.


The Special steel industry is highly dynamic. In order to best keep pace, your staff needs continuous updating. The SMR Group as well as SMR Premium is not only following, but is at the forefront, even anticipating important trends of the industry.

Our Special Steel Seminars are a new tool to improve the market and industry knowledge (know-how) within your company.

Our Special Steel Seminars are à la Carte, on-site, and customised to your needs!

Whoever you are - Producer, Trader, Stockist, Distributor, Service Center, Manufacturer or Enduser .... we will prepare the information package you need.

Your benefits will be:

  • Improved competence of your sales People
  • Strengthening of your customer relationship
  • Better understanding of Competition
  • Improved Motivation of your staff
  • Improved Team Spirit
  • Initiation of Creative Thinking
  • Professional Training of new Employees
  • Ability to anticipate Industry Change

... all resulting in higher productivity, revenues, and profits.